Teun's webpage

.: Welcome :.

Not much to see here, eh? This is mostly just the landing page for some of the domains I own.

.: Work :.

I'm currently working as Security Officer and Manager Datacenters, Networking and Research & Development for BIT, a business to business ISP in the Netherlands.

.: Stuff :.

You can find me on Linkedin or follow me on twitter.

.: Interests :.

Things that interest me are:

.: Presentations :.

I have given a few presentations about IPv6. Below are links to some of those presentations (in Dutch):

.: Contact :.

My email address is teun [at] teun [dot] tv.
My PGP key ID is 0x5A04F4E2, fingerprint: 8F5F 291E 5BF2 013C 1E5C 369D 9479 270C 5A04 F4E2. You can verify my public acounts on my keybase.io profile
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